The dentist’s office is a place that many people avoid for various reasons, whether that be due to a busy schedule or anxieties.

There are many factors that often prevent people from making those very important visits to make sure their mouth is clean and healthy. However, here at Smileboost we work to ensure the dentist is an enjoyable and stress-free experience for all.

A hectic lifestyle is often the culprit for missed dentist appointments, as many people simply do not have time to work a check-up into their busy diaries. Smileboost understands how hard it is to make time for the dentist, which is why we pride ourselves on our straight-forward, hassle-free services. We have expelled the traditional dentist waiting list and offer later opening times to make sure that everyone has access to the essential dental care required to repair, maintain and look after their valuable teeth.

Many people have admitted that they regularly skip their routine dentist check-ups as they believe their mouth is already healthy. It is true that if you thoroughly brush and floss your teeth regularly, the chances are you won’t experience dental cavities or gum troubles. However, your dentist examines your mouth for much more than this. In these check-ups, your mouth will be inspected for factors such as signs of a healthy jaw, gum recession, eating disorders, tooth crowding, saliva quantity, cancer and even early signs of diabetes which is why visiting your dentist is so important.

Perhaps the main reason for many people choosing to neglect the dentist is anxiety. Fear of the dentist is an age-old worry, but our aim at Smileboost is to put even the most nervous at ease. In addition to our friendly staff, our practice is very inviting with the aesthetics of a contemporary and comforting living space which offers a warm and welcoming non-clinical atmosphere.

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