We’ve officially launched!

The North West’s first-ever ‘drop in’ dentistry boutique The Dental Cafe has landed in the heart of South Liverpool following a six-figure sum investment.

Taking inspiration from successful London-based practices, the state-of-the-art venue located on St Mary’s Road has been devised to offer increased accessibility with the added bonus of no waiting list.

Headed by Clinical Lead and Director Dr Clare Robinson, The Dental Cafe is the sister site of Garston Dental Practice, which has been a firm fixture in the local community for more than 60 years.

Clare said: “The Dental Cafe has been established to offer the people of Liverpool something truly unique when it comes to smile management. Unlike a traditional dentist, we’re acting as a ‘Prevention Centre’, aiming to restore and protect through three core dental services surrounding oral care, hygiene and cosmetics, with revolutionary Airflow treatments available in a number of made-to-order flavours such as Orange, Berry, Tutti Frutti, Mint, Cherry, Blackcurrant and Neutral.

“The idea of The Dental Cafe came to light after noticing a growing trend for walk-in dental hygiene and cosmetic boutiques in London. Ultimately, we want our patients to feel as though their dentist appointment is more like a visit to the hairdressers or a coffee shop which inspired the name and our ‘menu’ of treatments. Not only does our new venue’s aesthetics help patients to feel at ease when visiting, our fantastic team, some of whom who have been with the existing practice for more than 20 years, put attentiveness at the forefront of everything that they do.”

To combine dentistry excellence with increased accessibility, a select range of treatments are available at The Dental Cafe, all of which are clearly priced with no underlying additional fees.

With ‘Short’, ‘Tall’, ‘Grande’ and ‘Venti’ options available, treatments comprise Scale and Polish, which is a classic dentist favourite responsible for the removal of plaque build-up and banishing stubborn tartar; Airflow, which uses advanced technology to clean teeth and gums with a powerful yet controlled jet of water, compressed air and fine power particles, together with professional Boutique Whitening.

Clare added: “While the younger generation do tend to be more savvy and relaxed when it comes looking after their teeth, a trip to the dentist can often be a daunting experience to many people. To help pass on this positive cultural shift throughout the generations, we have created an inviting non-intimidating space that goes against the typical clinical aura.

“We hope that our genuine and much more flexible approach to dentistry will be well-received by the North West and will encourage more dentists across the nation to follow form.”

For more information about The Dental Cafe visit www.thedentalcafe.co.uk or call 0151 427 4181.

Feeling stressed about going to the dentist?

The dentist’s office is a place that many people avoid for various reasons, whether that be due to a busy schedule or anxieties.

There are many factors that often prevent people from making those very important visits to make sure their mouth is clean and healthy. However, here at Smileboost we work to ensure the dentist is an enjoyable and stress-free experience for all.

A hectic lifestyle is often the culprit for missed dentist appointments, as many people simply do not have time to work a check-up into their busy diaries. Smileboost understands how hard it is to make time for the dentist, which is why we pride ourselves on our straight-forward, hassle-free services. We have expelled the traditional dentist waiting list and offer later opening times to make sure that everyone has access to the essential dental care required to repair, maintain and look after their valuable teeth.

Many people have admitted that they regularly skip their routine dentist check-ups as they believe their mouth is already healthy. It is true that if you thoroughly brush and floss your teeth regularly, the chances are you won’t experience dental cavities or gum troubles. However, your dentist examines your mouth for much more than this. In these check-ups, your mouth will be inspected for factors such as signs of a healthy jaw, gum recession, eating disorders, tooth crowding, saliva quantity, cancer and even early signs of diabetes which is why visiting your dentist is so important.

Perhaps the main reason for many people choosing to neglect the dentist is anxiety. Fear of the dentist is an age-old worry, but our aim at Smileboost is to put even the most nervous at ease. In addition to our friendly staff, our practice is very inviting with the aesthetics of a contemporary and comforting living space which offers a warm and welcoming non-clinical atmosphere.

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Popular Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Teeth whitening has surged in popularity over the last few years, and because of this many people have started to trial various means to achieve their pearly whites.

However, there are many methods that don’t have the desired effects, and can actually do more damage than good. Smileboost have put together a list of common misconceptions when it comes to teeth whitening to help you treat your teeth the way they deserve.

Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes are filling up supermarket shelves, but they’re not as effective as you might think. It can appear to slightly whiten teeth by eliminating surface stains caused by smoking or coffee, for example. However, they are unable to alter the natural tooth colour or a stain deeper than the surface.


Using acidic fruits such as strawberries and lemons to whiten teeth is effective to an extent. The acid present in the fruits can lighten your teeth, but they do this by wearing away the enamel layers on your teeth which can cause permanent damage.

Baking Soda

Similar to whitening toothpastes, baking soda can remove surface stains that are results of lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking coffee. However, it can damage the enamel which can cause teeth to become overly sensitive, and heightens the risk of cavities.

Long lasting effects

Many people believe that once you’ve had your teeth whitened, it lasts forever. Whilst it is true that the colour change is permanent, the ageing process continues which means that your teeth will carry on turning yellow. Most people are likely to require touch-ups to maintain whitening.

No home method is as effective as professional teeth whitening treatments, so if you are looking for a safe and efficient whitening method, the dentist’s office is the number one place to go.

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