The Dental Cafe offers a unique kind of dentistry to harmoniously fit in with the busy lifestyles of those constantly on the go.

Our Principal Dentist, Dr Clare Robinson, has handpicked a selection of treatments that are available daily.

The core treatments provided at The Dental Cafe combine professional oral cleaning and cosmetic dentistry to ensure healthy teeth and gums, alongside a natural or enhanced white smile.

Due to the fact that there is no waiting list, together with the select menu of treatments, you will be given ample choice and flexibility when it comes to booking an appointment.

In addition to overcoming accessibility barriers, which is a key reason why people tend to shy away from regular trips to the dentist, we appreciate that many still fear ‘the blue chair’. With that in mind, our all of our skilled staff have a gentle and friendly bedside manner to offer genuine reassurance and peace of mind. Likewise, we focus firmly on preventive care so that oral health can be maintained throughout your lifetime without the need for complex dental work.

Your smile is one of the first things that a person notices, which is why we want to make the key dental treatments openly available and provide the best possible care. All of our treatments are straightforward, non-invasive and deliver immediate results.