A stain removal treatment tackling difficult to remove marks on the teeth using a jet of compressed flavoured air for a white smile; The Dental Clinic is proud to be a provider of Airflow treatments.

Available in a range of flavours including Orange, Berry, Tutti Frutti, Mint, Cherry, Blackcurrant and Neutral, the innovative polishing technique cleans teeth and gums with a powerful yet controlled jet of water, compressed air and fine power particles.

Unlike traditional methods, this form of periodontal treatment offers an alternative polishing technique without the use of direct contact, pressure, heat or noise, which can be off-putting.

Not only does the treatment polish the surface of the tooth to remove discolouration and soft deposits, it also reaches deep into periodontal pockets up to a depth of 5mm to ensure thorough gum care. As well as providing a far more superior clean, it improves patient comfort due to the non-invasive steps involved, it is proven to deliver three-times faster cleaning and can also encourage the re-mineralisation of damaged teeth to help minimise teeth sensitivity.

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